Looking for Purpose? First Find Stillness w/Parm Saggu -16

October 04, 2022 Shawna Rodrigues / Parm Saggu Season 1 Episode 16
Looking for Purpose? First Find Stillness w/Parm Saggu -16
Show Notes

Are you someone who feels a little lost, stuck, or alone in life? I am sure we have all had days and times where we have been in that place. That was where today’s guest was out when she found her own way to purpose and discovered her way of giving back to the world in a way that resonates with her. 
The strongest message I walked away from after today's interview was the importance of leading your day and your life by taking care of yourself. We talk about self care a good amount on this podcast, but its amazing how much we still need that reminder! It is the most important ingredient in finding our path and I enjoyed speaking with Parm about this and the journey she took as she sought out alignment. She taught us a little about why the practice of yoga is unique in how it can integrate changes into your life and how it continued to call to her until she heeded that call.
Parm Saggu is a spiritual life coach for millennials seeking purpose and the owner and founder of Parm’s Yoga.  A few years ago, she worked as a nanotechnology engineer and surrendered all of that to the intense pull she felt to make a bigger impact on the world. Her journey took her from feeling lost, stuck and alone in life to finding her purpose. Now, Parm helps unfulfilled professionals find purpose, inner peace and get out of the dark place they’re in.



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