Episode 48

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13th Jun 2023

Guest Episode from Life in the Driver’s Seat on Battery Chargers -48

What are the things in your life that help you to recharge and bring you joy? Have you taken the time to identify them? Do you know how to best utilize them and integrate them?

Today on The Grit Show we are bringing you an entire episode from Jacquelyn Emery's podcast Life in the Driver's Seat where she talks about not only identifying, but how to best utilize, what she calls battery chargers. Making sure your batteries are charged and using the things you love as fuel to care for yourself and ensure you can keep battling through day to day can add exponentially to your overall emotional and physical well-being.

If you didn't catch last week's episode with Jacquelyn on boundaries - be sure to go back and check it out. https://podcast.thegritshow.com/episode/47

She also has an episode on battery drainers that comes just before this one and is an important listen as well!

Jacquelyn Emery is a Certified Life Coach, podcast host, and founder of the Life in the Driver’s Seat coaching program which is all about empowering women to get into the driver’s seat of their life so they can feel better, get more enjoyment out of their life, and INTENTIONALLY create a life they love. 

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Shawna Rodrigues [:

Do you have things in your life that help you to recharge and give you a bit of a boost? Today's conversation is all about Not only finding those things, but how to utilize them. Jacquelyn calls them battery chargers, and she lets you know how to be more strategic about the things that -- add to your life and help you get through things that are a bit more challenging because let's be honest, we all have challenges. The cool thing about today's format is this is actually a guest episode. You getting to hear straight from Jacquelyn from her podcast. Did you listen to last week's episode on boundaries? If you didn't, you need to go back and check out episode 47. It is a great one. We have a great rapport, and I really enjoy talking to Jacquelyn. She's a fabulous coach with lots of wisdom to offer. And part of my work with Authentic Connections Network is amplifying more of the amazing women who podcast. Because in case you haven't heard me mention it, there aren't enough women in podcasting. And to keep women in podcasts, We need to be amplifying those voices and giving you more exposure to the great podcasts that are out there that feature women as hosts. So I'm sharing one of those with you this week with Jacquelyn's podcast, Life in the Driver's Seat. She's generous with her knowledge and is letting me share this with you so that you can check it out. This is an episode that really resonated with me, and that's why I chose it. It gives you clear guidance on figuring out what exactly you do that helps you to recharge and then how to implement them in strategic ways to make your life flow a little easier. I think you'll get a lot out of it. And you'll enjoy connecting with Jacquelyn a little bit more. Be sure to check out her podcast, Life in the Driver's Seat. It's anywhere you listen to podcast, where you're listening to this one right now, and there's a link in the show notes to help you out. So as part of being in the Grit Show community, we're excited about all the ways you can enhance and improve your world, and that includes listening to more podcasts, with great folks like Jacquelyn. Here she is.

Jacquelyn Emery [:

I hope everyone is doing well. I hope you are all feeling energized and happy and just feeling good because that is what today's topic is all about. So if you're not, don't worry. You are in the right place. So where are all of my, like, exhausted, overwhelmed ladies at? That's who I'm gonna be talking to today. mean, I can talk to men too, but I feel like this subject will really help a lot of the women listening. So we're going to be talking about ways to keep your battery charged. So you're feeling your best and you're feeling energized and just lit up inside. Because too many of us, women, especially, are just running around exhausted, trying to get all of the things done that need to be done and just being everything for everyone and thinking that there just isn't time or energy left to focus on our self. And, you know, the things that would energize us and bring us joy and bring us happiness. And this is what these things are what I'm going to call your battery chargers. So maybe you're listening to this and You're just getting through your days. Like, you feel like you're just getting through your days and getting your to do list done. Like, you know, taking the kids to school into all the sports and all the appointments. and maybe you're working and cleaning and doing favors when that friend calls, and you're, you know, trying to be a good friend and a good spouse or a good partner. And before you know it, like, the day's over, and you're exhausted and worn out, and you just go to bed to get up and do it all over again. And I think there's a few reasons that we do this. Like, our life turns into this. Like, I think we either, like, feel guilty for focusing on our self. Like, we feel like, you know, we must do all of these things and, b, all of these things for all of these people. Or we simply just aren't being intentional with, like, charging our battery and making that a priority. Like, we're just in the, you know, the passenger seat of our life, like I call it, just living unconsciously and just getting through the day. And I call this way of let of living, like, surviving life. It's when we're just stuck in a rut living life on autopilot and just kind of watching our days pass us by. And I hear so many women. Right? Like, they think it's, like, this season of life. Like, when we're out of this season or when there's more time, you know, we'll get around to doing the things that matter to us and make ourselves and our happiness and our results a priority and a focus. And the truth is we need to do that right now because the problem is we think we need to, you know, do all of the things and check off the to do list and please everyone in order to create a good life. But when our battery isn't charged, it becomes much more difficult to do that, to get all of the things done. Like, we think we have to do all of the things, so we don't have time to charge our battery. But it's like when we don't take the time to charge our battery, That's when it becomes very hard to get all of those things done. Right? Like, we hit it backwards. Not to mention, like, we aren't enjoying our life. Right? Our life's just passing us by. Like, this life we're working so hard for, we aren't even able to get enjoyment out of it. So when our battery is drained, everything suffers. Like, this is when you find yourself, like, yelling at your kids and beating yourself up for, you know, not being more patient. This is when you find yourself, you know, complaining and nagging at your partner and noticing every little thing that they're doing wrong. Like, this is when you find yourself not making good choices when it comes to your health and your habits, and then you wonder why you can't stay consistent. But when we make, like, charging our battery a priority, everything else falls into place. When your battery is charged, it just flows out of you and affects everything and everyone around you. That's when it's not a struggle to get through that to do list. Right? We think we need to get it done in order to someday feel better, but the truth is we need to charge our battery. and then getting it done becomes easy. When you make charging your battery a priority, you start enjoying your life now in the everyday. Like, you want emotional well-being, less stress, and anxiousness, and worry. like, more peace and joy and happiness, focus on charging your battery. When your battery is charged, that's when you experience you know, your relationships in a whole new way. You're able to create habits and improve your health. You're able to be a better employee or business owner and make more money. you're able to feel more happiness and purpose and fulfillment in your life.

Jacquelyn Emery [:

rt your morning. Right? Like,:

Jacquelyn Emery [:

If you're ready to take this work deeper and start applying what you're learning, I'd like to invite you to join the life in the driver seat program where you will get out of the passenger seat and into the driver seat of your life. using my signature method. To get a taste of what coaching can do for you and discuss how my program can help, you can book free breakthrough call by visiting jacquelynemery.com/consult. That's jacquelynemery.com/consult. I'm looking forward to connecting with you soon.

Shawna Rodrigues [:

Isn’t Jacquelyn Fabulous? Make sure you head over to Life in the Driver's Seat and listen to the episode she has on battery drainers. We'll put a link in the show notes, make it super easy for you. As she said, you need to take some things out before you add other things in. And that episode tells you more about that. You don't wanna end up with too much. I love what she says about decorating on top of decorating. Does that resonate with you? Like, you can't just keep adding more decorations in. You kinda gotta clear things out and start over and see what fits in with what you already have. You want things in alignment. I'm very grateful to Jacquelyn for sharing her wisdom yet again. Thank you for joining us for this.

Shawna Rodrigues [:

Be sure to jump on over to Instagram and follow us @the.grit.show. And if you aren't already following the Authentic Connections Podcast Network, @37by27, you should definitely be doing that as well. We're launching the Authentic Connections Podcast Accelerator. It's an amazing opportunity for you to be a part of a cohort, launching your podcast together. It's a small group, it's very select. If you join this summer accelerator, you'll be part of the founding circle of Authentic Connections which is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Get into the DMs, @37by27 with the word amplify, I'll send you our workshop, 'From Dreaming to Doing', and you can learn more about this amazing opportunity. Don't forget, you are the only one of you that this world has got, and that means something. I'll be here next Tuesday, I hope you are too.

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