Episode 61

Published on:

12th Sep 2023

Smash Limiting Belief Systems with These Clear Steps & Conquer Your Fears -61

This week on The Grit Show we dives deep into the origin of our limiting beliefs and how they hold us back from reaching our true potential. Be prepared to challenge your self-criticism and rewrite the negative narratives that have been holding you back. Don't miss out on this powerful conversation that will empower you to peel back the layers to see what is at the root of your fears and let you step into the next phase of growth with confidence and authenticity. As we all check into our mindset and uncover how we are holding ourselves back we'll learn concrete ways to move ourselves forward. As a bonus our guest, Justin Schenck, also dishes out the specifics on the five types of people you need in your life for personal growth and success. We all know who you surround yourself with counts, but this was the first time I had someone outline exactly what type of people you need in your life to truly make an impact. You are going to want to listen to this more than once, so be sure to follow so you can easily find this conversation again.

Justin Schenck is an entrepreneur, speaker, and host of the top-rated podcast the Growth Now Movement. He has been named a Top 8 Podcaster to follow by INC Magazine, featured in Thrive Global, and chosen as an ‘Icon of Influence’ in the new media space.

Justin’s podcast has grown to become a podcast that is currently getting played in over 100 countries every single week and he has gone on to help countless people grow their brands and business through podcasting.

He is also the host and creator of one of the go-to events for entrepreneurs and forward thinkers; Growth Now Summit LIVE!

Things we referenced in this episode:

Book: Who Moved My Cheese? by Spencer Johnson, M.D.

Podcast episode: Celebrating Time- The Anniversary of The Grit Show & How to Make/Keep Adult Friendships -54

Connect with Justin

Instagram: @justintschenck

Facebook: Justin Schenck

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/justin-schenck/

YouTube: Growth Now Movement with Justin Schenck

Website: https://www.growthnowsummit.com/

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