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21st Mar 2023

Cherry Blossoms, Epigenetics, & the Intergenerational Effects of Trauma

This week, we are revisiting one of our highest-rated episodes as selected by our listeners. It’s one that new listeners will appreciate, or something worth a re-listen, as the concept is valuable to revisit. We get to talk about something you would see as innocuous under most circumstances: cherry blossoms. However, the science of epigenetics and the inheritable intergenerational effects of trauma are quite intriguing and may have you looking at these lovely markers of spring in a whole new way. Epigenetics is something I’ve long been interested in and although this field is young and full of room for debate, there are a lot of interesting facts and things we can learn from it.

Some of my takeaways may not be the ones that are discussed in the mainstream but will give you some food for thought. I’ll touch on a couple of studies that are referenced below but will also talk about the lenses that this research can give us as we move through our days and interact with those around us. There are things we cannot fully know or understand, and although it’s hard to accept this, it can be powerful in building our relationships and our ways of interacting with others once we do. 

Article on study of the Epigenetic effects of the Dutch Famine:

Study by Brian Dias and Kerry Ressler 

Parental olfactory experience influences behavior and neural structure in subsequent generations:


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